Funny WiFi Names

Funny WiFi Names – Funny WiFi Network Names


Are you looking for funny WiFi Names?  Here you can find best funny WiFi  names? that will help you to change your WiFi Name.Funny WiFi names reddit is most finding names on the internet, but most of the peoples didn’t found it. Mostly who belong to Asian countries.

Many peoples want to impress theri family members, Girlfriend, friends and even neighbor. So wit’s the best way to impress them buy change the orignal name of you WiFi Network to funny WiFi  names.

Funny Wifi Names – Funny WiFi Network Names

The names that the WiFi networks of our routers usually bring are quite bland, referring to the name of the operator or something like MiFibra (whose if not?). Luckily, we can change both the name of the SSID and the password by entering the configuration of our router. Thanks to having funny WiFi names, our network will be easier to identify, as well as we will laugh at whoever visits us.

 Top 750 Funny WiFi Names (That’s Force to Laugh)

Change Wifi Name

For change the name of our WiFi network to make a funny WiFi names we have to go to the configuration of our router through the classic IP The maximum limit is 32 characters (including spaces). Here you can see how to change the name of WiFi on your router or to easily identify it in Windows. You can easily use Funny WiFi network names. Here are some funny WiFi names.

List of Funny and Awesome WiFi Names.

  1. Bows before bros
  2. All about that crush life
  3. today I choose to be a unicorn
  4. Let’s squat until we’ve big booty Hoes
  5. Awkward is my specialty
  6. I’m like 104% tired.
  7. GetYourOwnetBro
  8. Drop it like its Hotspot
  9. M_Magician !!
  10. BuyAnotherCupYouCheapSkate
  11. WillUmarryMe?
  12. Kindness is my Jam !!
  13. V_Incongito !!
  14. For P*rn Use Only
  15. Go Home Tourists
  16. Get your Own Wi-Fi F#ckHead
  17. Tell My Wi-Fi LoveHer
  18. Your music is annoying.
  19. I’m pretty cool But I cry a lot
  20. NoFreeINternetHereKeepLooking
  21. This is My Number 9876543210
  22. if work is worship then I am an atheist
  23. Book Nerd
  24. Property of my hot wife
  25. Newlywed cex
  26. Karen’s Network (Funny WiFi Names)
  27. Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo Wi-Fi
  28. Use This One Mom
  29. All Your Bandwidth Belong to the US
  30. Rahul Gandhi Youth Network
  31. Optimus Prime
  32. Manmohan Singh Browser
  33. Nacho Wi-Fi
  34. Tell her I love her
  35. Do you love me?
  36. Internet Costs $
  37. Ouch…sat on my Nutz
  38. 6th Sense Mobile Wi-Fi
  39. You’re All Noobs
  40. I Can Hear U Walking Off to it
  41. Get OFF My LAN
  42. Yer Baby Is Really Ugly
  43. Don’t You Wish Your Wi-Fi Was Hot Like M
  44. Open Wi-Fi
  45. Haha suck on my secure connection
  46. Here’s the Password Clue Read again
  47. Party Saturday Night APT #434!!!
  48. Get Your Own Damn Internet
  49. Free Wi-Fi
  50. Bill Wi the Science Fi
  51. I Believe Wi Can Fi
  52. No More Mister Wi-Fi
  53. Ping’s Landing
  54. The Ping in the North
  55. This LAN Is My LAN
  56. Get Off My LAN
  57. The LAN Down Under (Funny WiFi Names)
  58. FBI Surveillance Van 4
  59. Area 51 Test Site
  60. Drive-By Wi-Fi (for automobile hotspot)
  61. Planet Express (for automobile hotspot)
  62. Wu Tang LAN
  63. Darude LANstorm
  64. Never Gonna Give You Up
  65. EXE
  66. Virus-Infected Wi-Fi
  67. Starbucks Wi-Fi
  68. Text ###-#### for Password
  69. Yell ____ for Password
  70. The Password Is 1234
  71. Free Public Wi-Fi
  72. No Free Wi-Fi Here
  73. Get Your Own Damn Wi-Fi
  74. Dora the Internet Explorer
  75. Porque-Fi
  76. Life in the Fast LAN
  77. Caitlin stop using our internet!
  78. Not Free So Use 3G
  79. Hide your Kids, Hide your Wi-Fi
  80. Please no more grindcore at 3 am
  81. Router, I Hardly know Her
  82. 2 Girls 1 Router (Funny WiFi Names)
  83. Guys, please stop fighting for Wi-Fi
  84. StayOFFmy router
  85. That Moment When Dhoni Wins
  86. blasting in 5..4..3..2..1
  87. Go Delhi For Free Wi-Fi
  88. Back Benchers
  89. Hidden webcam
  90. Hacking Started
  91. Sab Free Mein LeLo
  92. Ugly Sweater Wi-Fi Hater
  93. Jailbreaking in Progress
  94. Rooting Your Android
  95. Don’t touch my Daughter!
  96. I fathered your child
  97. Free Ka Maal
  98. Netflix Streaming!
  99. TooManyD*cks
  100. I am touching your Daughter
  101. Abraham Linksys (or John Wilkes Bluetooth)
  102. Troy and Abed in the Modem (for Community fans)
  103. I’m cheating on my WiFi
  104. A LANnister Always Surfs The Net (for Game of Thrones fans)
  105. Silence of the LAN
  106. One Does Not Simply Log Into Mordor (for Lord of the Rings fans)
  107. Winternet is Coming (for Game of Thrones fans)
  108. 99 problems, but WiFi ain’t one
  109. DHARMA Initiative – Station 4 (for Lost fans)
  110. ? (Shit Emoji)
  111. Free Porn
  112. I know you’re watching p*rn
  113. We Can Hear You Having cex
  114. Dear Apt 2: Please c*x Quietly!
  115. Only have this for porn
  116. Making Wifi Great Again
  117. FBI Surveillance Van
  118. Stop Being A Mooch
  119. Bill Wi, the Science Fi
  120. Mom, Click Here for Internet
  121. LAN of Milk and Honey
  122. LAN Solo
  123. Wi believe I can Fi
  124. LAN Down Under
  125. Password is 1234
  126. Cut your lawn
  127. Spying On You
  128. Hogwarts Great Hall WiFi
  129. Lord Voldemodem (Funny WiFi Names)
  130. TellYourWifiNeedMyPantsBack
  131. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Lan
  132. OhMyLordItsaWiFire
  133. Definitely Not An FBI Surveillance Van
  135. I’m cheating on my WiFi
  136. Benjamin FranLAN
  137. Vladimir Computin
  138. Help, I’m Trapped in This Router
  139. It’s a Small World Wide Web
  140. A Van Down By The River
  141. Series of Tubes
  142. Go Go Gadget Internet
  143. WeCanHearYouHavingSex
  144. WI-FIght the inevitable?
  145. Silence of the LANs
  146. Occam’s Router
  147. Router? I hardly knew her!
  148. Vance Refrigeration
  149. I Can Haz Wireless?
  150. Drop it like it’s a Hotspot
  151. Dunder Mifflin
  152. Wi-Fi Network? Why Not Zoidberg?
  153. Bill Clinternet (Funny WiFi Names)
  154. Winternet is Coming
  155. 99 problems, but WiFi ain’t one
  156. The Net starring Sandra Bullock
  157. Y No You Get WiFi?
  158. I Pronounce you Man and WiFi
  159. I’m Under Your Bed
  160. Wi-Fi, Wi-Not?
  161. WiMCA
  162. Connection Lost
  163. C:Virus.exe
  164. Trojan Virus
  165. Setting up…
  166. Join My Network
  167. The Next Door Girl
  168. Challenge Expected
  169. We Like When You Watch
  170. Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore
  171. Bang Bang!
  172. Go Home Tourist
  173. I think, therefore I am!
  174. Password is You
  175. My Neighbors Pay My Wifi
  176. Packets Are Coming
  177. I’m Just Here For The Free Wifi
  178. R u WiFi? Because we have great connection!
  179. I Don’t need U. I have WiFi
  180. WiFi Password: I Love U
  181. Talk Less, Work more
  182. EverydayImBuffering
  183. WeCanSeeYouShowering
  184. TellMyWiFiLoveHer
  185. say hi to me
  186. Nice try, neighbour
  187. IP in the shower
  188. hack me if you can
  189. challenge accepted
  190. we need toilet paper plz
  191. Yes I love you
  192. Look at your as$
  193. Checked at yours
  194. F#ck you
  195. Fu#ck off
  196. Hack me
  197. Hacked you
  198. Dare!change my Wi-Fi password
  199. Your password is you can’t touch me
  200. Wife vs Wi-Fi
  201. I know your Wi-Fi password
  202. Live life
  203. Go live
  204. ≖_≖
  205. 12mb/s all for me losers
  206. 404 Network Unavailable
  207. 404NotFound
  208. 512 KBPS
  209. 99 Problems but WiFi ain’t one
  210. A day without Wi-Fi is like… you know without Internet
  211. All Your Bandwidth Belong to Us
  212. Ask XX for password
  213. Backdoor Internet Services
  214. Bob’s Unsecured House of Wi-Fi
  215. Bring Beer and Women to 40.2
  216. Call me for password
  217. Call Me Maybe
  218. Can’t Touch This
  219. CCTV
  220. Click Here for Viruses
  221. Click here to download virus
  222. Connect and Die
  223. connect to me (so I can hack you)
  224. Connect to this if you want a virus!
  225. Connecting, Please Wait…
  226. CorruptSignal
  227. Crack Me if You Can
  228. cxxx{}:::::::::::::::::>
  229. Dear Apt 2: Please cex Quietly!
  230. Dial-Up
  231. Doesn’t Matter
  232. Don’t even think about it
  233. Don’t even try it
  234. Drop it like it’s Hotspot
  235. dude wheres my network
  236. Enter the Dragon’s Network
  237. Error, Unable to connect
  238. Facebook Isn’t Going No Where you can wait!
  239. FBI Surveillance Van #594 (scares away stupid criminals)
  240. Feel Like Flying
  241. First-time cex
  242. Free Dialup
  243. Free P*rn
  244. Free Public Wifi
  245. Free Virus Distribution
  246. Free Wifi
  247. Free wifi coming soon!
  248. Get off My LAN!
  249. Get off my LAwN
  250. Get your Own Wi-Fi
  251. GET YOUR OWN!!!!
  252. GetOffMyLawn
  253. Getting Bored. Let’s Whatsapp 91XXXXXXXX
  254. GetYourOwnNetBro
  255. Go Away You Muggle
  256. God is watching you
  258. Ha Ha next time lock your router
  259. Hacker Here
  260. Hacker’s haven
  261. Haha you have no internet connection!
  262. Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!
  263. Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi!
  264. How do you make a password?
  265. How do you say… F**k off!
  266. How to connect to your Wi-Fi?
  267. I am as dumb as Siri
  268. I am Donald Trump and I am not funny
  269. I am hungry
  270. I am the Internet, AMA
  271. I am under your bed
  272. I am watching you
  273. i c you taking my internet
  274. I Can Hear You Pooping
  275. I can read your emails
  276. I cook with Wi-Fi …
  277. I got on your computer, but you won’t get on my network
  278. I Hate My Neighbors!
  279. i have full bars and you dont
  280. I Have WiFi and You Don’t
  281. I know you’re watching porn
  282. I Love you my Wi-Fi
  283. I Paid For This Did You?
  284. I Read Your Facebook
  285. I see you …..
  286. I speak fluent sarcasm
  287. I Stalk You
  288. I’m here to pet all cats
  289. I’m pretty cool, But I cry a lot
  290. IDK !! Google it.
  291. if you can read this…you’re in range
  292. i’m in your bathroom ^_~.
  293. I’m Ouside Your House…
  294. I’m walking around naked wifi image.
  296. I’m watching you
  297. Immigration Authorities
  298. Infected
  299. Insert coin [] to access WiFi
  300. insert coin to continue
  301. Insert key here –> (Funny WiFi Names)
  302. International Terrorist Network
  303. Internet Costs $$$
  304. internet costs money dumbass
  305. It Burns When IP
  306. It Hurts when IP
  307. It’s a trap!
  308. IveSeenYouNaked
  309. Keep Calm and Wi-Fi
  310. Keep it on the Download
  311. Keystroke Recorder
  312. Ladies I have arrived !!
  313. Leave Food, get Password
  314. Life is Fast in LAN
  315. Life would be tragic if it weren’t Wi-Fi
  316. Limited Access
  317. Log in here!
  318. Look Ma, No Wires!
  319. male looking for female
  320. MI5 Surveillance Van
  321. Mind your own business
  323. Mom Use This One
  324. Mom, Click Here for the Internet
  325. More…
  326. Move on dude
  327. my antenna is bigger than yours
  328. My body needs internet
  329. My Neighbor Is Hot
  330. My Neighbors S*ck
  331. Net gear
  332. Network Not Found
  333. Network unavailable
  334. Nice Panties
  335. NiceTryNeighbor
  336. No Free Wi-Fi for you
  337. No Internet Access
  338. No Wi-Fi. No food
  339. No Wireless Network Available
  340. NoFreeInternetHereKeepLooking
  341. NoMonkeys
  342. Not a free Wi-Fi
  343. exe
  344. Once See Back
  345. Only have this for p*rn
  346. Out Of Service
  347. Party at apartment 219…
  348. Password is Password
  349. Pay and use
  350. Pay before you use
  351. Please Connect for Identity Theft
  352. Please Wait…
  353. prepare to be hacked!
  354. Prohibited Area
  355. Property of my hot girlfriend only
  356. Quit stealing my Wi-Fi
  357. Sarcasm is my only defense.
  358. Searching for GF
  359. Searching…
  360. Shame On You
  361. Shut your Fucking Dog Up
  362. Signal Strength: Low
  363. Slowest Network
  364. Sorry for loud cex
  365. Windows could not detect any stealable internets.
  366. Spy Network
  367. sshhh… don’t say about it!
  368. Stay off my network
  369. Stop Hacking Me
  370. Stop trying to get closer to my house for my Wi-Fi yo!
  371. Super Thanks For Asking
  372. Take my money and buy a new Wi-Fi
  373. Teen Idle
  374. Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her
  375. TellMyWi-FiLoveHer
  376. The Godfather
  377. The next one is a free Wi-Fi
  378. The Password is Blank
  379. the password is my name
  380. The Promised LAN
  381. This is My Number 98XXXXXXXX
  382. This is Not Free Either
  383. This is not Starbucks
  384. Thx I got ur MAC
  385. To Connect Hit Alt+F4
  386. Too busy being awesome
  387. Top secret network
  388. Trade Bandwidth for Beer
  389. Under FBI surveillance
  390. Unprotected
  391. Untrusted Network
  392. Use at your own Risk
  393. Very slow internet
  394. Virus Detected
  395. Virus distribution server
  396. Virus Found
  397. Virus Infected
  398. Virus Infected WiFi
  399. Virus Infected Wi-Fi
  400. Virus Testing Station #2
  401. VirusVault wifi image
  402. Want my Wi-Fi password? then mail me at
  403. We Can Hear You Having c*x
  404. What do you call WiFi that isn’t yours? NACHOWIFI!
  405. What’s your Wi-Fi Name?
  406. while you steal my wifi, I steal your electricity
  407. Who the hell are you
  408. WiFi Network Name Here
  409. WiFi Unavailable
  410. Wi-Fiananas
  411. Wi-Fi-Top
  412. Will connect for beer
  413. Will U Marry Me?
  414. Y No You Get Wi-Fi?
  415. You are my crush
  416. You better funny me!
  417. You Lost Your Connection
  418. You Pay Now
  419. Your Bathroom Shower Needs New Tiles
  420. Your grammar is more annoying
  421. You’re funny
  422. You’re music is annoying.
  423. You’re Wi-Fied
  424. You’ve been Infected
  425. I know your chrome history
  426. I know your browsing data
  427. Breath Wi-Fi
  428. I know you are invisible
  429. Today you wore black dress
  430. Want to see u
  431. Come to terrace
  432. The one who is clever, come to me and say hi (Funny WiFi Names)
  433. Shut your speakers off ( to ask your neighbors to reduce volume indirectly)
  434. I am a batman
  435. Call me idiot
  436. My Neighbors S#ck
  437. I saw two f#ckers
  438. Stop using my internet
  439. Game of thrones
  440. Friends
  441. Splitsville
  442. Candycrush
  443. Chess champion
  444. Love you Sachin
  445. What is this f#cking smell
  446. your food is burning
  447. Switch off your stove
  448. Your mobile is ringing
  449. Bulls#it babes
  450. Get lost fool
  451. Abraham is my inspiration
  452. DIE like a fly
  453. TODAYS NEWS! Hacked your facebook name ended with ‘tha’
  454. Sec C life
  455. What a beautiful sun
  456. Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi
  457. It Hurts When IP
  458. The Triwizard Internet
  459. Silence Of The LAN
  460. Wifi Art Thou Romeo
  461. Dunder MiffLAN
  462. For Porn Use Only
  463. Bill Wi, The Science Fi
  464. Everyday I’m Buffering
  465. Slow Internet Slow Fap
  466. A Song Of Ice And Firewall
  467. Luke, I Am Your Wifi
  468. Girls Gone Wireless
  469. Hilary Clinternet
  470. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-LAN
  471. Don’t You Wish Your Wifi Was Hot Like Me
  472. New England Clam Router
  473. One Does Not Simply Log Into Mordor
  474. Dora The Internet Explorer
  475. 99 Problems But WiFi Ain’t One
  476. No Wi-Fi For You
  477. Wi Believe I Can Fi
  478. Covet Not Thy Neighbor’s WiFi
  479. Titanic Syncing
  480. Mom, Click Here For Internet
  481. It’s a Small World Wide Web
  482. Virus Distribution Center
  483. John Wilkes Bluetooth
  484. Wifi For Blowjobs
  485. The Wireless-G Spot
  486. House LANister
  487. It’s The Wifi Network Morty
  488. WIFIght The Inevitable?
  489. Watching Porn Constantly
  490. Unprotected CeX
  491. Benjamin FrankLAN
  492. Slytherin Common Room Wifi
  494. My Neighbors Suck
  495. You Load Nothing, Jon Snow
  496. No Pants No Problems
  497. Winternet Is Coming
  498. Connect And Die
  499. Avengers – Wifi Wars
  500. Area 51
  501. Guardians Of The Gateway
  502. Watch PornAt 4G Speed
  503. We Can Hear You Having Sex
  504. Not Free So Get Stuffed
  505. Ermahgerd, Wi-Fi!
  506. Not In Range
  507. Don’t Watch Porn On My Wifi
  508. WI-FIght The Inevitable?
  509. Occam’s Router
  510. Not The Droids You’re Looking For
  511. I Have Wifi And You Don’t
  512. The Creep Next Door
  513. I’m Under Your Bed
  514. Loading…
  515. Enter The Dragon’s Network
  516. Tell My Wifi Love Her
  517. Access Denied
  518. Drop It Like It’s Hotspot
  519. DHARMA Initiative – Station 4
  520. LANDown Under
  521. Your Wifi Is Sleeping With My Wifi
  522. Babe Cave
  523. Keep It On The Download (Funny WiFi Names)
  524. Look Ma No Wires
  525. Help, I’m Trapped In A Router!
  526. Life In The Fast LAN
  527. 404 Wi-Fi Unavailable
  528. Free Wifi For One Night Stand
  529. Click Here For Viruses
  530. LANdo Calrissian
  531. Penny Get Your Own Wifi
  532. Your Wifi Is Sleeping Over
  533. Martin Router King
  534. The LAN Before Time
  535. We Are Watching You
  536. Ye Olde Internet
  537. Your Dog Shits In My Yard
  538. A LANnister Always Surfs The Net
  539. 2 Girls, 1 Router
  540. Abraham Linksys
  541. Troy And Abed In The Modem
  542. Wu-Tang LAN
  543. Router, I Hardly Know Her
  544. Only For Zombies
  545. I’ve Seen You Naked
  546. Suck On My Secure Connection
  547. Here’s The Password Clue Read Again
  548. Very Slow Internet
  549. I Pronounce You Man And WiFi
  550. LAN Of Milk And Honey
  551. Stiffler’s Mom
  552. Skynet Global Defense Network
  553. Yell “Doggy” To Know Password
  554. Quit Using My Wi-Fi
  555. My Own Damn Internet
  556. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
  557. Network Name? Why Not Zoidberg?
  558. Thrust Master
  559. Not A Meth Lab
  560. Routers Of Rohan
  561. Bob’s Unsecured House of Wifi
  562. Nacho WiFi
  563. Hack If You Can
  564. Stealing Wifi Is A Crime
  565. How Is The Signal There?
  566. Josh BroLAN
  567. Ex-Wifi
  568. Lord Of The Pings
  569. FBI Van
  570. Don’t keep boring Wi-Fi names
  571. Put your shit in your pit
  572. Have unique Wi-Fi name like you
  573. Oh! You stepped in a dog’s poop.
  574. You are blacklisted
  575. All gadgets connect here
  576. This is free Wi-Fi. Connect and play
  577. Ask me for password
  578. If you know me, you know the password
  579. I am watching you!
  580. Please stop having s*x at 3 am
  581. I have cameras and Wi-Fi
  582. One Wi-Fi many connections
  583. I pronounce you Man and Wi-Fi
  584. Hide you kids, Hide your Wi-Fi
  585. 4 Girls 1 Router
  586. Out of Order Try Later
  587. Desperate Wi-Fi
  588. I slept with your Wi-Fi (Funny WiFi Names)
  589. InSSiDer
  590. LANd rover
  591. thisisthepassword
  592. This LAN is your LAN
  593. One Family One Wi-Fi
  594. it hurts when IP
  595. Baby use this one
  596. Call me LAN
  597. Breaking LAN
  598. Its my Wi-FI None of your Wi-Fi
  599. Save Wi-Fi save lives
  600. I didn’t copy this from anywhere
  601. I can connect in snap
  602. Free Wi-Fi is here
  603. 2fast4u
  604. Wi-Fi is life
  605. Don’t stop Wi-Fiing
  606. Get off my LAN
  607. Password is me
  608. Defense Guarded Wi-Fi
  609. Network Unavailable
  610. 404 Error not available
  611. Pay to use
  612. Free virus available
  613. Mom Click here for Internet
  614. Wi Fight for Money
  615. Hacked Wi-Fi
  616. Wi Don’t you get a Wi-Fi
  617. Winternet is coming
  618. All your Bandwidth belong to us
  619. Buy a drink get the password
  620. Free McD Burger
  621. Have Faith in God you will get free Wi-Fi
  622. Love Music Internet
  623. Life is nothing without Wi-Fi
  624. I’m under your bed
  625. Password is you
  626. Don’t select me
  627. Why do you want everything for free
  628. Connecting…
  629. Forgot Password?
  630. Wi-Fi of Ice and Fire
  631. Wi-Fi is coming
  632. LANnister house
  633. WEBsteros WINTERNETfall
  634. KhaleesiConnections
  635. LANnister always pays for Wi-Fi
  636. I learnt how to protect Wi-Fi long time ago
  637. Wi-Fi is a wind my friend
  638. Your computer will turn to ashes
  639. I demand password by combat
  640. The things I do for Wi-Fi
  641. When you connect to Wi-Fi, you either connect or disconnect
  642. Wi-Fi isn’t a pit. Wi-Fi is a ladder
  643. John Snow Knows something
  644. All Men must Wi-Fi
  645. You don’t know password, Jon snow
  646. Not My Wi-Fi you B**ch (Funny WiFi Names)
  647. Internet Potter
  648. Let the wand choose it’s Wi-Fi
  649. Connecto Patronum
  650. I am Lord Voltemort
  651. Chaos Internet
  652. When in doubt, go to Wi-Fi
  653. Welcome 2 Azkaban
  654. Donald Internet Duck
  655. LANtasia
  656. Mickey Mouse’s Wi-Fi
  657. Winne – The – Internet
  658. AladLAN
  659. Wi-Fi Story 1 2 3
  660. LANderella
  661. Pirates of Internet
  662. Alice in Wi-FiLand
  663. Damn… Pumbaa, Circle of Internet
  664. But enough of this Wi-Fi, yick yack and flim flam
  665. I don’t connect, I Quack
  666. Dead Router tell no tales
  667. My neighbours su*k
  668. Tell my Wi-Fi Love Her
  669. cxxxx{}:::::::::::::::::::::::>
  670. Your home s#cks bro !
  671. Get your s#it together !
  672. Shut your speakers off
  673. I know your browsing history
  674. I remember everything about you
  675. For porn use only
  676. I will sue you if you use my Wi-Fi
  677. Yell eggroll for password
  678. Hipsterpleasebuysomething
  679. Unprotected ceX
  680. Quit parking your car there
  681. I am Mark Zuckerburg
  682. I now pronounce u man and woman together
  683. Your wish is my command
  684. Get off my Wi-Fi you a**hole
  685. What a sec C life
  686. Oh! You stepped into dog’s poop
  687. You’re blacklisted
  688. I am as funny as Deadpool
  689. Password. Virus. Boom!
  690. How dare you connect to my Wi-Fi
  691. Does God know you steal Internet?
  692. I m under ur bed
  693. Call 911 and get the password
  694. Password is Charlie Chaplin
  695. I am as dumb as siri
  696. Tell Me a Joke for password
  697. Have Wi-Fi and then children
  698. I am Donald Trump and I m not funny
  699. You’re no funnier than me!!
  700. Girls gone wireless
  701. Left Swipe for Password
  702. Right Swipe for Internet
  703. Wi Believe When you can Fi
  704. Christopher noLAN
  705. CuckFomcast
  706. Mom Click Here for Internet
  707. I m too fast to handle
  708. AMA I am the Internet
  709. ilEAGLE Wi-Fi
  710. Google it for the password
  711. No more grinding at 3 am
  712. Gov’t wifi
  713. Google free wifi
  714. I love you (me too is password)
  715. Join Free
  716. Download Keylogger
  717. Free Trial Here
  718. Act Free Internet (Act = any popular ISP)
  719. Free Internet for a Kiss 3rd floor
  720. 50 MBPS Plan
  721. OMG
  722. No Pay, No Wifi
  723. Facebook Internet
  724. Bluetooth
  725. Personal Hotspot




When we install a WiFi network at home there are those who fear the big question: What name are you going to give it? Ok, it doesn’t refer to a pet names we just adopted, but the name of our WiFi is also important.

There are those who choose their own name, or put the same name as the house, and there are even those who leave that string of letters and numbers that come by default. Be that as it may, today we will help you give your Funny WiFi names an original name.

Without a doubt, we have left you enough original and funny names to put to your Internet. Surely some of you already knew him, but others did not even expect them.

Now that you know original names to put to your WiFi network, you just have to choose the one you like and change it. Another option is to put a different name every week, so you will confuse those who try to steal it.